Action RPG Characters

SFX Library

The Action RPG Characters library is the perfect solution for quickly getting professional voices into your game. Features 10 voice actors, 6 Male, 4 Female from around the world, each adding a unique touch to the library.

Each Actor has voiced lines to cover a wide range of possible game types/classes, and even covers extra things for both main heroes, follower characters, and even some enemy dialogue.

Includes handfulls of variations on different actions, to ensure you have a multitude of different sounds to play around with, and avoid repetition.

For those with specific dialogue in mind, the contact info for all the voice actors is included for you to get in touch with them.

Also included is some additional extra sounds for rpg's.


- Total of over 4290 sound files

- Each voice includes actions of - BattleStart, BattleWon, CannotCarryMore, CannotOpen, CannotUse, ChargeUp, CriticalHit, DiscoveringAWonderousArea, DungeonCleared, EnteringDangerousArea, Idle, JoinParty, LevelGained, LootFound, Sad_Or_Confused, UseItem, ClassSpecifics, GeneralAttack/Hurt/Death Sounds, and more.

-Includes 55 extra SFX files usful for rpg's

-All files are 24-bit 96 kHz

Payment Details

- Payment, is pay what you want, (at a minimum of $20) with no drop in quality.

- 25% Of each perchase goes to, Human Rights Watch.

Donations Total-@Jun 04 2013 -$235.00

Click Here to see a list of the extra included SFX

Click Here to download the samples.

Positive Feedback

- "Absolutely stunning! Great Voice actors, Great Quality, Huge Variety. Definitely worth it."

- "If you need this kind of dialogue, this library is absolutely amazing. Vocal quality, and performance is top notch. Great deal."


As an Added incentive, to increase donations, and help out these hard working voice actors,

Anyone who purchases the library for $60 or above will get a free download link to all of these libraries - "Electrified" "Heavy Armored Factory" "Hud/Menu/Interface" (please allow a day for me to e-mail them to you.)

Click Link Below to enter in the amount you wish to spend.


##NOTICE## - After your purchase is complete, be sure to click the link "Return to Affordable Audio 4 Everyone" For your download to begin. If you close the browser on accident, please e-mail me. with your name, and I will send you the file.

- If there is any problem with your internet connection mid download, or for some reason you are not able to download the .zip file, please contact me as soon as you can. Please include your name so I can verify your purchase transaction, and I will send you the files.

- Once purchased these files are royalty free for you to use, manipulate, mangle, and play to your hearts content. You may use them in whatever projects you see fit. Infact I would love to get e-mails about the places these sounds end up, and what things are made from them.



- Affordable Audio 4 Everyone was started in June 2011 by Daniel Gooding. The goal of this site is to provided SFX, with professional quality, and sounds that are unique enough for seasoned professionals to use and enjoy, but at the same time affordable enough for students interested in sound design to be able to purchase. Affordable Audio 4 Everyone donates any purchase over $5 to charities of those in need.

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